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To Pixel Proz' Wholesome Entertainment Private Web Page.


It is unquestionably apparent that wholesome entertainment is becoming increasingly harder to find for family and friends to enjoy.


Everyone deserves to leave a party or gathering refreshed and upbuilt.


At Pixel Proz, it is our desire to provide you that experience with our Karaoke, Outdoor Movie, Audio Visual, Live Sound and DJ Services.


Our motto is to “Make that special moment a lasting memory”!


         Pixel Proz?

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Our Experience

We have been providing our professional services for events since 2004. We know and understand what it takes to have a successful event and a satisfying experience.


Our Commitment

We take pride in providing wholesome entertainment to those who use our services through our selection of music and movies. 

You will never have to worry about being subjected to an unwholesome environment.


Everyone from young to older can just relax and enjoy themselves.



Our Equipment

At Pixel Proz, we will provide our state-of-the-art-sound system to give you the ultimate Karaoke experience along with our large movie screen and projection equipment to enjoy a wholesome outdoor movie.

In addition, we can provide Audio Visual and Live Sound Setup.


Our equipment includes Professional Microphones, TV Monitors, Speakers and Cameras for Video Feeds.


These services are great for custom events such as Talent Shows, Games, funeral repast, wedding receptions and other Special Programs and Events.


Our Diversity

Our service is very flexible.

We can accommodate larger  venues, such as ball rooms and reception halls down to smaller intimate group settings. 


Also, Parks, Backyards, and Other Outdoor Outlets can be accommodated. 

In addition, we have a wide range of Genres of Music to choose from that will leave you feeling good after your Picnic, Party or Gathering.


We also have a nice selection of Movies to choose from for a nice Outdoor Movie experience.


Even more, we can provide the equipment needed for you to host your very own special program.


A special feature that many appreciate, is our Professional Video Conferencing (Zoom) and Livestreaming Service. These services can be used to accommodate those who are sick and shut-in or unable to travel.


These services also includes a multi-camera setup with multiple camera angles and high quality audio, providing the ultimate at home experience to the virtual audience!

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Our Professionalism

It is our goal and desire to provide you the professional service you deserve, allowing you to have a successful satisfying event.



Our Mobility

We have a environmentally friendly power supply that allows us to set up our Audio Visual and Live Sound equipment essentially at any location of choice. This service is great for remote locations.




$250 for 2hrs 

$75 per additional hr


$250 for 2 hrs 

$75 per additional hr

Outdoor Movie

$300 for 2.5 hrs

$100 per additional hr

Combo Packages
Karaoke & DJ $400 for 4 hrs

$75 per additional hr

Karaoke or DJ and Outdoor Movie $500 for 4.5 hrs

$100 per additional hr

Karaoke, DJ, and Outdoor Movie $600 for up to 6 hrs

$125 per additional hr


Add a Multi-camera Video Recording of the Karaoke Performances. Even more, you will be able to view and download the Karaoke Performances online.

Contact us to discuss details.

Custom Services

If you are planning your own custom event and will need Live sound, Audio Visual, Video Conferencing (Zoom) or Livestreaming service, please contact us to discuss the details.

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                You Can still Enjoy
          Wholesome Entertainment

So, if you are planning a backyard barbecue, picnic at the park, Funeral Repast, Wedding Reception or any other indoor or outdoor event. Contact us today!

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